Dog problems? We can help!
Dog problems? We can help!

In 1998, a family’s passion of Morgan Horses brought them to Kentucky where they purchased 300 acres of gentle rolling bluegrass land. The farm was named Dragonsmeade, this would later also become home to Drache Feld Kennels in 1999. A successful breeding program of honesty, quality and integrity were applied to both the horse and dog program. It was at this time Charlie Starr was appointed to manage the breeding of German Shepherds which would represent Drache Feld. The first star born was named, Dragon Vom Drache Feld.

Our values remain the same, breed the best temperament, character, and structured German Shepherds, following the German standard. Every litter is planned out to meet our high expectations of what a German Shepherd was bred to do in both the show ring and on the field. Our breeding dogs are carefully selected, and have certified hip/elbow clearances; temperament tested, working titles, show ratings and breed surveyed prior to breeding. The most sought after show rating in the European SV style shows is the Vorzuglich Auslease or “VA” Excellent Select. The VA is awarded at the annual National Sieger Show to a select few champions, which represent the German Shepherd standard without flaw and must meet all criteria to be awarded this prestigious title.

Drache Feld has been awarded seven VA’s in the last five years! Our record is proven, and our dogs are an example of what experience, professionalism, and hard work have been dedicated to the breed. In 2015, we trained, handled and titled six different dogs to complete a total of 11 titles, included High in Trial. Also to mention, Drache Feld was awarded Young dog Sieger and Vice Young dog Siegerin at the National GSDCA Sieger Show.

Our dogs are family, we handle and care for them daily. Vigorous exercise and training programs are selected for each dog to maintain conditioning and a healthy mind. We evaluate all of our puppies prior to placing them in homes to ensure the best fit for them for the extent of their life. Our breeding program is selected carefully to better the breed, with the intent also to further our program for years to come. We reserve first pick of all litters, and also reserve the right to refuse the sale of any puppy or dog should we deem necessary. Our dogs deserve happy homes, as much as our customers deserve quality healthy dogs.

Whether it is sport, service, protection, conformation or just a wonderful, obedient pet you are looking for, at Drache Feld we can help. We offer; puppies, older puppies, young adults, and trained adults.

We are professional trainers as well as breeders, enabling us to satisfy all your needs throughout your dog’s lifetime.

Our dogs represent the glory of their bloodlines.


Becky Underwood


Becky holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing where she teaches clients and staff on medical issues on a regular basis. With extensive training in leadership and management positions, she incorporates many of her skills when teaching owners how to communicate with their dogs. Previous experience as a professional groomer of all breeds and veterinary technician for both large and small breed animals are all priceless experiences when learning to handle dogs safely in stressful situations. Early on in her career, she trained and handled several different toy breeds, hunting breeds, large breed dogs and mixed breeds of all different levels of ability and behavioral needs.

Becky started her career with German Shepherds over 25 years ago in the AKC ring where she competed in obedience and conformation. Her quest to find the perfect shepherd that would maintain the drive and temperament for work and excellent structure led her to SV/FCI competitions and European imported German Shepherds in 2001.


Since 2001, she has successfully trained many dogs of different temperaments, drives; both male and female dogs. Her ability to evaluate and determine what drives a dog has led her to obtain nearly 25 working titles on over 13 different dogs to date. Her most recent accomplishment, High IPO2, High in Trial, High Protection and score of 283/300 points with a 99 out of 100 point track on a show line German Shepherd female.

Although she specializes in German Shepherds, her ability to work with sensitive dogs, reactive dogs, dominate and soft dogs of all breeds combined with her professional training creates a great learning environment for both dog and owner alike.


Charlie Starr


With more than 30 years of experience and many satisfied customers Charlie Starr is one of the most sought after trainers in the United States. His approach to dog obedience is driven by positive reinforcement instead of negative correction with an understanding of canine psychology and the believe that every dog is a family member. Charlie believes that just as there are no two people alike the same is true of our canine family members. Each dog must have an individual program.


After a number of years training all breeds Charlie found his way to schutzhund (now IPO) which is where he obtained many of his skills and vast knowledge. Following the German breeding system which includes working titles, conformation rating, hip and elbow certification, all leading to the ultimate breed survey Charlie has competed, handled, done helper work, trained helpers at a local, regional, and National level. Dating back to his first USCA sieger show in Provo Utah in 1992 where Charlie was responsible for training both the male and female National vice champions. In the last 5 years alone Charlie has been responsible for seven VA placings with four different male German Shepherds and one top female including VA1 National Champion in 2010, the vice National Champion in 2011 along with the VA3 as well. This year his own breeding Solo vom Drache Feld was the National young dog champion and sister Siri vom Drache Feld the National vice champion young female.