In-Kennel Training


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  • Each Dog will be evaluated, and a training program will be custom designed for their needs. During their stay, they will have private one-on-one sessions with a professional, daily walks, and play time. Each dog will receive their own climate controlled room with bedding. For safety, a 24/7 week veterinarian is available nearby. Our 4-week programs are specially designed for success; all dogs are unique in their learning and needs. Weekly reports will be available, on occasions some dogs require more time to grasp new concepts. Our continued evaluations will be readily available to ensure your pets success and happiness.



  • For those who prefer to have their dog professional trained and handled, or schedules are unable to accommodate group classes; in-house training may be the preferred choice. We offer two choices: 4 weeks M-F in-house & home for the weekend, or 4-week continuous stay with weekly group classes. In-House training also includes 4 private one-on-one sessions with the trainer, owner and dog after their 4-week session to instruct the owner on continuing care and communication.


  • 4 week M-F In-House & home for the weekends, includes all the above with the added bonus of taking your pet home on the weekends for some quality family time.


  • 4-week Continuous stay with weekly group classes; includes full in-house amenities, one-on-one professional training program and added bonus Saturday group class. Group classes will offer a chance for your dog to be trained and handled by a professional to help improve social skills with other dogs and people. Your dog will learn to respond in a positive manner to commands while in a stressful distractive situation.

In-House Add-Ons

  • Interactive Toys

    Fun, rewarding, anti-destructive toys which stimulate their minds.

  • Calming Diffuser

    Aromatherapy to help reduce stress during their stay.

  • Bath Etiquette

    Teaches your pet how to accept baths, blow drying, and nail trimming and brushing.

    $25 Per Session
  • Pet Fit

    Conditioning program to keep your pet fit (Weather Permitting)

    $15 Per Session